A Blonde's twist on
Advertising, Graphic & Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and more!

About the Blonde!

I was born in Dayton, Ohio. Raised in a small farm town of roughly 5,000 people. Trouble was not one of those things you frequently got into because EVERYBODY knew your parents, at least it seemed that way.

Right out of high school I got a job working for the U.S. Postal Service. For a 19 year old, that is a serious change in lifestyle. That job carried me to the Space Coast of Florida at the ripe age of 21. Something about Christmas lights in palm trees could not be ignored. After nearly a decade, I relocated to Macon, GA as a city carrier. Quickly I found out that was not the right job for me, besides, it was too cold and I missed the palm trees.

I enrolled at Mercer University seeking a degree in Business and Finance. I was never really good at math but when I included $ signs into the equations, it all fell into place. The stock market quickly became a hobby where I learned a lot and did very well.

In the mid 1990's I left the postal service and moved south once again, this time to St. Augustine and the First Coast. I got my real estate Broker license to help people with the real estate end of their financial investments. It was during this time that I started experimenting with HTML. After watching the collapse of the financial and housing markets, I turned to design and the creative outlet it could provide.

How it all began!

The real estate company that I owned, advertised properties for sale, rental, and investment. In designing print marketing materials, I found that I really enjoyed this new creative outlet and it seemed to help me reach the sales goals of properties entrusted to me. This passion, along with a good sense of humor, became known as A Blonde Moment Marketing, LLC. To this day people remark about the name and get a chuckle when they hear it. Marketing is all about getting attention and the name simply works.

Today, the company helps customers develop an internet presence to reach their goals in marketing and increase sales.

The company is continually growing and learning new techniques to better assist its clientel. At this time, the company is incorporating database administration, image design, and several scripting languages to its knowledge base to further assist its clients.